Telecom Aggregators

Key Considerations

  • Do you have multiple locations, carriers, and services ?
  • Would it be helpful to consolidate multiple services and multiple monthly invoices?
  • Would your business benefit from a single point of contact?
  • Would you like the added convenience of managing and monitoring all the equipment and circuits in your network, even those devices not included in the solution?
  • Would a single portal to view all services at all locations, manage and pay invoices, and generate custom reports improve the efficiency of your team?

Telecom aggregators, are companies that act as intermediaries between telecommunication service providers and end-users, offering aggregated services or solutions to businesses or consumers.

Overall, telecom aggregators play a valuable role in the telecommunications ecosystem by simplifying access to telecommunication services, providing value-added solutions, and enabling businesses to optimize their communication infrastructure and expenses.

Services Include

  • Multi-location organization
  • Complex billing
  • Multiple carries
  • Insights into usage / performance
  • Multiple invoices (access, network, equipment, mobility, software, etc.)
  • Improves efficiency / one-porta for all telco spend.