Call Center / Contact Center (CCaaS)

Key Considerations

  • How are your customers contacting you today ?
  • Do you have remote workers in your contact center? How do you train and coach these remote workers? Are all your calls currently recorded?
  • Do you currently serve your customers through web chat, email, or social media in addition to calls? Can your agents handle all of them through one environment?
  • Is your contact center integrated with your CRM?
  • Is there reporting or analytics that would be helpful for you today?


Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Customer Experience (CX) solutions empower you to optimize your customer-facing teams, extract valuable business insights, and leverage conversational AI and machine learning for self-service applications. By deploying these technologies, you can streamline operations, prioritize relationship-building, and even forecast next steps to streamline workflows—all while enjoying increased affordability.

Gartner’s research underscores the pivotal role of customer experience (CX) in driving customer loyalty, surpassing even brand and price considerations combined. Similarly, KPMG’s 2020 US Customer Experience Excellence Report, drawing insights from 11,000 customers, emphasizes the significance of nurturing customer relationships, with the “commercial cadence” forming the bedrock of these interactions. Companies adept at maintaining this rhythm outperform those that falter in this regard.

The challenges posed by the Great Resignation have particularly impacted customer service and contact centers. Today’s communication landscape must cater to quad-generational workers and clients, spanning Gen Z, Millennials, Gen Y, and Baby Boomers. With approximately 80% of engagements initiated via chat, email, or social platforms, an omnichannel approach is paramount for optimizing communication and enhancing client experience. Identifying the most effective channels is equally crucial for success.

Minerva Tec offers expertise in optimizing customer-facing teams and unlocking valuable business insights through innovative technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, labor augmentation, and machine learning for self-service applications. Deploying these solutions not only frees up staff for higher-value tasks but also fosters a relationship-focused approach and enables predictive assistance to streamline workflows. Minerva Tec can guide you in exploring workforce management and quality management solutions, empowering you with capabilities for scheduling, KPI management, and coaching. Moreover, these solutions are increasingly affordable and have the potential to drive revenue growth in numerous scenarios.

Services Include

  • Call center
  • Help desk
  • Customer experience
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Customer support
  • Performance management
  • Remote workers
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Customer feedback management
  • Omni-Channel Session handling (Chat, SMS, Voice)

 Did You Know?

  • The most frustrating aspect of customer service is an automated telephone system (the inability to reach a live person for customer support).
  • 41% of customers have stopped using a product or service after having to repeat themselves over and over or after being passed from rep to rep.
  • 96% of customers expect their issues to be resolved (quickly) on the channel of their choice (Chat, SMS, Email, Voice).