About Minerva Tec Group

About Minerva Tec Group

Minerva Tec Group is a women-owned, diverse, and inclusive company dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Because we are vendor agnostic and we can support and manage your end to end procurement proceses, Minerva Tec can save an average of 25% on your I.T. and telecom solutions versus going direct.

Why use us?

Consultations are provided to you at absolutely no cost! Our services are funded by the vendors we connect you with for your projects. Serving as your sole point of contact in a constantly changing landscape, we are committed to being your trusted advisor for all your IT initiatives

Who We Are


Our mission at Minerva Tec Group is to provide laser-focused IT solutions and strategic supplier procurement that meets your unique business challenges. We are dedicated to simplifying IT within your business by bringing the right resources with expert skills that enhance your existing team. Our goal is to support IT teams in efficiently overcoming business pain points, ensuring seamless internal and external business optimization, and technology design to achieve the right solutions. Through our extensive portfolio of suppliers, we expertly navigate your Cloud, Network, Communication, and Security solutions, helping clients increase revenue, reduce expenses, and improve efficiency.


Our ethos is built on being an indispensable extension of your IT team, fostering long-lasting partnerships characterized by loyalty and a personalized approach. We operate with integrity, taking the time to understand your needs and fulfilling your business goals with the utmost care. Our commitment is to support and guide you through every necessary step, always learning and growing to bring the most reliable and expert solutions to your business.


The key to our identity is being a dependable advisor and maintaining technological agnosticism. Our commitment to these principles has helped us build credibility and trust, cementing our reputation as a reliable and unbiased guide in the tech world.


Minerva Tec Group envisions itself as the trusted advisor and thought leader within the dynamic Technology landscape. Our ambition is to revolutionize the technology acquisition process, empowering businesses to make informed decisions with confidence and clarity. By
championing and supporting women in technology, we aspire to foster a more inclusive and diverse technological community.

Central to our vision is our commitment to adapt and grow with our clients. Whether serving small startups or large enterprises, our focus is not limited by the size or sector of the business. we recognize potential in all partnerships, and we are committed to nurturing these
relationships through each phase of growth. Our approach is designed to ensure that as businesses evolve, they can rely on Minerva Tec Group for continued support, expertise, and innovation. This dedication to growth and adaptability underpins our aspiration to be an
integral part of our clients’ success stories, making well-informed technology decisions that propel their businesses forward.

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525 S Flagler Drive, Suite 500, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33401