Expense Management

Key Considerations

  • Have you reviewed your telecom spend in the last year? Are your invoices audited on a monthly basis?
  • Are you frustrated having to spend time resolving billing issues with your vendors?
  • Do you have a convenient and simplified way to address your invoices in one place?
  • Are your telecom orders reconciled with your inventory and invoices?
  • Is your accounts payable team overwhelmed? Do they manually enter invoice payment data?

IT Expense management helps the process of tracking, controlling, and optimizing expenses incurred by an organization in the course of its operations. It involves various activities aimed at managing costs efficiently, ensuring compliance with financial policies, and maximizing the organization’s financial resources.

Effective expense management is essential for organizations to maintain financial health, allocate resources efficiently, and achieve strategic objectives. By implementing robust expense management practices, organizations can optimize costs, enhance transparency and accountability, and drive overall business performance.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Enterprise Mobility Management encompasses both Wireless Expense Management as well as Move/Add/Change and other ongoing support of your mobility assets. In addition to procurement support for cell phones and smart devices, the ARG mobility team can also assist with the below technologies:

  • Cellular Internet
  • POTS Over LTE
  • Mobile Security
  • Private LTE / 5G Networks

Services Include

  • Multiple Vendor / invoices
  • Inventory / Auditing
  • Cost Management
  • Mobility Management
  • Budget vs Spend
  • Contract / renewal Reviews
  • Billing Reviews

 Did You Know?

  • The monthly telecom expense management software often pays for itself from the savings and credits that are identified.
  • Many telecom expense management solutions are able to integrate directly into your organization’s financial software package.